Our Staff

Hedgehogs has an amazing team of staff, who are extremely experienced, caring and highly dedicated individuals, and strive to ensure that each child enjoys being a part of the Hundon Hedgehogs Pre-school ‘family’.  Additionally the professionalism of the staff enables parents to feel confident about their ability to provide the best possible care and education for the children entrusted into their charge.​  


Staff are skilled in observing children at play, assessing their needs and identifying ways in which their learning and development can best be supported.  The small setting enables them to respond spontaneously to ideas presented by the children themselves and to address the unique needs of individuals.  Each child is given a 'key worker', and they are chosen very carefully, to ensure that your child feels able to communicate their needs and preferences confidently, and to enable them to relate well to their main carer.


We place great emphasis on good partnership with parents, and welcome and encourage parent involvement when it comes to designing your child's learning and development path. 

Lisa Arnold

Pre-School Manager: Nursery Nurse, Health & Safety, Deputy SENCO, Safeguarding Officer

Emma Cooper

Pre-School Deputy Manager: NVQ3,

2 Year Old Resource Co-ordinator

Jane Morse

NVQ3, Behaviour Management Co-ordinator, First Aid Officer

Nicola Lyons