About Us

We are a lively happy Pre-School situated in the rural village of Hundon. We are a self-funding Charity (No 1038958), run by a committee of parents and carers of children attending the Pre-School.  The Pre-School has been in operation for over 50 years and has provided Hundon and the surrounding area with a fantastic pre-school setting.  Click here to read about what parents have to say about Hedgehogs.




We predominantly care for children from two and half to five years of age, but also are have a breakfast and after school club, especially useful for children attending Hundon Primary School.  We also operate during school holidays and operate for holiday clubs for children of 2 years and upwards.




Historically Hedgehogs (formerly Hundon Tiddlywinks) operated within the main room at the village hall, but excitingly we have moved into our very own designated area within the village hall at the beginning of the autumn term.  In addition we now offer a fantastic large, nature filled, outdoor area, with activities such as mud-pie making in our outdoor kitchen, den building in our camouflage corner, bug hunting in the nature garden, and explorative adventures in our enchanted woodland walkway.  Being situated in quiet Hundon we have the opportunity to step outdoors and go on fantastic nature walks, visit our very own allotment, and develop and learn through our interaction with the outdoors, a key component of our curriculum.  



Hedgehogs has very close ties with Hundon Primary School, and leading up to reception year Hedgehogs children are given the opportunity of visiting the school for a short session each week in order to help them settle in more easily. The curriculum and learning ethos of the pre-school and the school are very closely linked, allowing for great continuity when your child moves onto the next setting.  Click here to read more about Hundon Primary School.